"Reborn: A lion, to strenghen it`s young, will push his cubs off a cliff. *kicks Tsuna* And when the cub climbs back up, kick it down again. *kicks Tsuna again* And throws rocks down at them! *throws rocks*


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Reborn: Rest in peace."

"Reborn: Tsuna is my toy--er, I mean student.

Tsuna: He finally called me a toy, a toy!!!"


"There`s no time. Just do what he says for now. If he`s lying, then we`ll just blow his brains out."

"Wow Tsuna, you got some skills out there, getting yourself hurt in the hospital."

""(To Byakuran) I don`t care who the f*** you are, or what circumstances you`re in. If you lay one finger on the Arcobaleno boss, I`m not just gonna sit here and watch." (Chapter 254, page 15)

"A boss is someone who puts his life on the line for his subordinates."

"There`s no doubt that there`s many reasons Tsuna isn`t cut out to be the boss. When victory is on the line, he can`t commit to action...His indecisiveness is obvious. But it`s because he`s considered the saftey of his comrades above victory time and time again... That we`ve made it this far."

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