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This story follows the young nobleman, Ciel Phantomhive and his virtuoso butler, Sebastian. When the curtain closes on the cheerful Phantomhive Manor, what wonders lurk behind the scenes?


"Ciel Phantomhive "I am Ciel Phantomhive. That is my one and only name."[1]

"Phantomhive is a shadow, a phantom that exists soley to obliterate the sorrows of Her Majesty, The Queen.'s a secret

Ciel in Volume 9

Step into it's den, and you can never hope to return to the light"

"Is there truly any human who is not arrogant?"[3]

(Directed to Sebastian)"'I myself was only able to recover because I happened to be able to summon a creature like you back then...but the lone devil there in the Kelvin Manor was you. And you belong to me."[4]

"Sneering at desperate wishes and trampling them like insects. How dishonest...and cruel...and ugly. So much more devilish than even actual devil. Is that not so? I too...I am the same. I packed full of the same hideous stuffing as they. This is what we humans are! This is what we humans are like, Sebastian![5]

"I've...never had sweets that tasted better than Sebastian's."[6]

"...I've long since to smile...joyfully."[7]

"I did not return to Phantomhive for the sake of the previous head. I returned for myself. All I want is to give those who betrayed and defiled the name of Phantomhive a taste of the humiliation and pain . . . that I suffered. Checkmate" Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

"A butler begins his day early. He is the last to finish his work late at night, and first to begin work in the morning; such is the duty of a butler who manages the household." [8]

(In reference to Funtom)"You see it's name here and there in greater London everyday. one would guess...that the head of the company is among the children who love it's toys."[9]

"I am the butler of the Phantomhive Family. It goes without saying that i can manage something like this."[10]

Sebastian Michaelis

"So long as the young master possesses 'the mark of the 'covenant'...I am his faithful dog. A sacrifice...a wish...and a covenant' bind me to my 'master."[11]

"Young master. Forgive me. As butler of the Phantomhive Family, this is an unpardonable disgrace...I do not know how I should atone for this...I have been unable to prepare dinner this evening."[12]

(in reference to Ciel) "...Why, this little bra-- young master. Does he believe he can get anything done so long as I am here to take care of it? He works his people(?) far too hard."[13]

(in reference to Mey-Rin) Why, this imbec-- that is to say, housemaid. It would seem the problem no longer lies in her eyesight. Why does she fail to realise that there is something clearly wrong with her own brain and not the instructions? Word has it that the public adores silly maids. But I do not think I will ever understand it (and I have no intention of even trying to do so). I myself would like to wring her neck."[14]

(in reference to Baldroy) "Why this imbec-- rather chef. You should talk about cooking after you have actually cooked' something. I believe eighty percent of what you have mangaed to 'cook' has been charcoal. Save your art for you hairstyle, and cook something edible...otherwise...I wish for you to become charcoal yourself."[15]

(in reference to Finnian) "Why this imbec-- this imbecile!! How can a gardener be so clumsy? Though the saying goes, 'an idiot and a pair of scissors can both be of use', giving this useless idiot a pair of scissors is trouble in itself. He refers to something that happened two or three days ago as being 'a while back.' The way his brain can easily cast aside a blunder of that degree...I have surpassed anger, and I am, in fact rather impressed. "[16]

(To Ciel) "I, your 'chessman,' am your 'might,' your 'hands' and 'feet' . . . you alone will decide . . . you yourself will choose . . . and for that, I shall become your 'might.' You said as much . . . 'that day.' I am merely a 'butler.' I will not cross that line. I only faithfully execute what the master orders, and answer what the master asks me. By your order . . . I, your 'chessman' . . . shall become your 'sword.' Now then . . . let us move into check, Master."

(To Grell Sutcliff) "From the time . . . my master called me 'Sebastian' . . . that word became my covenant and christened me anew. I have been 'Sebastian' since that day. I vowed as much to the moon, you see?"


"I too hurried to London to verify the situation. And I too am very see what the Queen's wathcdog will sniff out. However...have you the courage to gaze upon the scene of the crime?"

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